For most people, getting up in the morning and getting ready to go to work is nothing but a routine of necessity as opposed to making for something they’d call fun, and while this may be true for me as well, at least I can say that my work teaches me a lot and drives me to constantly grow as a person. Here are some of the invaluable lessons I’ve learned from working as a social worker:

Family is important

My job description in itself might be an explicitly defined one, but in no way does it mean I fall into some sort of routine. No two days are the same and unfortunately, that doesn’t always ring true in the positive sense. One of the saddest and at times the happiest outcomes of my work is when we somehow find a way to help people whose life isn’t quite turning out the way anybody would like their life to find and connect them with a long lost family member. This is when one realises the importance of family because often these long lost family members who are united for the very first time immediately form a strong bond which sees them supporting each other and helping each other out of a bad situation.

So one of the things my work has taught me is indeed that family is important, which is why everybody should cherish theirs. After all, when things are working out alright and you even get on each others’ nerves, it’s very easy to take what you have for granted.

Genuine friendships have no substitute

The family bond is a complex one which just cannot be explained, but with friendships – genuine friendships it’s a bond which is equally strong and is perhaps even more commendable because it’s a chosen path, so to say. As much as you choose your friends, the nearest and dearest of these friends are really nothing short of being just like any one of your family members. So I have indeed learned that there is no substitute for good, genuine friendships in life, with everybody who roams the face of this earth at least being afforded the chance to forge such friendships.

Cherish your genuine friends as much as you do your family.

Motivation comes from different places

Whether good, bad, somewhere in between or obscure, being in the heart of the social services industry has taught me that different people are motivated by different things. If whatever motivates you works for you, then so be it, but I reckon it’s better if you use it to work towards a positive outcome.

Everybody is just looking for love

Love also comes in different forms and isn’t always presented in its most common form of a romantic relationship. Sometimes love exists between a person and a pet for example, or between a person and something like their career, sports, etc. Either way, one of the fundamentals which drive the problem-solving aspect of my job is that of looking for love links, so to say, and to try and unite the person or the people involved with whatever or whoever it is they harbour a love for.