Online shopping can be incredibly valuable, yes. But it can also be a trap. Use these 4 super-useful and specific tips for this style of shopping to help you manage your buying behaviour online, so you do not end up with more things that clutter your life and ruin your credit.

These steps are especially applicable to goods like furniture that could have a high price tag. Buy furniture takes time and planning but luckily there are online shops like Furniture@Work where you can apply the following tips.

  1. Use Add to Wish List, Add to Favorites (or whatever is written on the page where you are).

This is a “reserved while I think about it” button. Since disable cannot be clicked when buying, at least delay the immediate purchase step and select the option to add it to the wish list. You can always return to this product and put it in your cart later.

  1. Set a time limit for your purchase and shipment. Of course, you are not in a retail store where you can be hit with a parking ticket when you spend your limited time, but the principle of responsibility for the time you spend buying it does not matter. Of importance, if you are in cyberspace or not, it applies. Set a time limit for the time you need to shop online. And stay with that. Log off, click, and quit when the time has expired. It does not matter what.
  1. Remember, this is the real money you use, and you treat it that way.

Of course, you use the magic plastic card because online shopping works this way, but there is real money. If you use a debit option, you are in a safe place because it is money that you already have in your bank account. However, if you use a credit card or an establishment, instalment structures to pay the total amount of your purchases (plus fees and credit card fees) in advance or within 24 hours of purchase. A recent study found that if you only pay the minimum balance on your credit card, the payment of your balance can take up to 39 years (in case of written years). It’s absurd, especially if, at that time, most of the things you bought are dead, are obsolete or have been eliminated a long time ago.

  1. Use your cart as a waiting station.

Like “Add to Wish List”, your shopping cart does not need to be completed even if you have items inside. You can add articles without completing the purchase. Add items to your cart, save the cart, and click Disable without going through the last payment step.