I swear there’s like some psychology that goes into the making of some of these series we see on television these days because they captivate you once they draw you in. Six seasons later and you wonder just how on earth you actually believed the series you sometimes binge-watch was going to end in the first season.

Anyway, these series perhaps contribute to the many reasons why families don’t quite sit down and enjoy watching something good together – something which keeps every member of the family entertained across all ages. So I decided to put together a list of the top five movies the whole family will enjoy watching together, some of which you might have already seen and some which aren’t new to the scene at all.

Home Alone

Since you’re probably reading this from the point of view of the parent, I bet you just can’t imagine forgetting any of your children in the attic as you leave for a trip to Paris! Home alone is always a good blast from the past (assuming you’ve watched it before) and the plot makes it a great movie for the whole family because chances are every member of the family can find a character to identify with in some or other way.

Despicable Me

As is the case with Home Alone, but perhaps even more so, Despicable Me turned into somewhat of a franchise with follow-ups being released, including the hit spin-off, Minions. This animation delivers a laugh a minute with humour so multi-layered that any viewer of any age can find themselves laughing at the same scene, but with different interpretations of what’s going on.

Toy Story

Another animation which has gone on to have sequels made, the Toy Story franchise makes for a heart-warming story of some rather creative dynamics which develop around the quintessential family life. We watched two of these movies from the Toy Story Franchise with some extended family members across what I can say are four generations, all of whom were captivated and thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

E.T. is a classic family film of note with a lot of lessons to teach every member of the family who’s watching. For the life of me, I don’t know how many times I’ve personally watched E.T., but every other time I do watch it (with the kids of course) I seem to come across something new which I didn’t notice before. It’s just one of those films that one can’t seem to get enough of, although admittedly I probably wouldn’t watch it by myself, it makes for a great family movie to enjoy together, with the fact that you’re watching it with your loved ones making for all the fun.

The Parent Trap

Another heart-warming story about what family life should be all about, the Parent Trap also caters to all family members in that each one can find something which relates to them. In our case, my guess is that everyone realises just how lucky we all are to be the type of close family we are as opposed to how things could have been with twins getting separated at birth on the back of the split of their biological parents, as the plot of the movie goes.