Gerald is my husband and the best man a woman could ask for. We both grew up on the outskirts of Accra with modest beginnings. After he studied tirelessly for a degree in teaching, he embarked on his year of National Service as a nanny with a wealthy family. This is how we met. After I had completed a degree in child services and social care, we were both placed in a child orientated national service and were assigned to take care of the children of a government worker. He is so wonderful with kids and it was the spark that I saw while he cared for these children that ignited my flame for him and made me say “yes, this is the man I want as the father of my children.” He is caring and sensitive and strong and manly. He is the best of both worlds and he is my entire world. He is now headteacher of a very respectable school and he works so hard to make sure the children there are made the priority. It’s not always popular with the school board, but the children at his school are happy and healthy and enjoying their education and that’s what really matters.


My oldest child was our first blessing when we moved to the UK from Ghana. While we were struggling to find our place in a foreign country, Henry came along and turned our house into a home. He grew up with some behavioural problems which weren’t diagnosed as ADHD until he was 12 years old. For the longest time, he struggled to control his boisterousness and attention span, but he was never angry or aggressive. He is the loveliest child but loves to bounce around and make a noise and make a fuss. Henry is also very smart and we’re now learning how to navigate his condition and use it to help his learning rather than hinder it.


Isabella came close behind Henry and there is only 14 months between the two. We often joke that she and Henry are more like twins that separate siblings, they are the spitting image of each other and act very similar. Isabella does not have ADHD but she is very headstrong and very bossy. She knows when to concentrate and when is quiet time, but give her the platform and she’ll take the stage. She’s really showing an affinity for creative writing and English analysis, even at such an early age. Isabella is constantly writing stories and reading books and performing her adaptions for us and anybody who will listen or watch. She is going to be a star.


Our little baby. I say baby, but he is fast approaching six and acts like the man he is going to become. I’ve never known a child so excited to dress up in smart clothes and endeavour to keep them that way. He gets a little overshadowed by his boisterous siblings but he is slowly but surely finding his place in the world. He is the actual miniature of his father and is constantly following Gerald about the house trying to help with his ‘grown up work’. This child is obsessed with paperwork! Some people say it is strange that he acts so much like a grown up already and say we should let him be a child. We are! This is who he chooses to be, if he ever wants to change and wants to get dirty in the mud, we would welcome that too (within reason). But, for now, he enjoys the person that he is and we all love him for it.


This site is called ‘My Five’, and I suppose with me included, it is a family of five. But my fifth love is my calico cat Princess. She was my first child really and has been with me through it all. Princess was actually a gift from Gerald when we first moved to the UK, he thought she would help me feel more rooted and give me something to call my own when we were first setting up our lives here. From then, she’s always been by my side and I love her for it. She’s getting on a bit now and doesn’t play with her toys like she used to. But she tries, and that tells me that the youth in her heart will always outweigh the age of her bones.