I hope I don’t have to spell it out that the title of this post refers to a river source as a metaphor. Otherwise yeah, it is indeed important to at the very least make an effort to acquaint yourself with the knowledge of the original source of all the things which come together to make up what is your life. In all honestly I believe we’ve conspired to outsource our lives a bit too much – way too much in fact, so much so that the average person doesn’t know that if they perhaps resolved to walk just one block further than what they usually do, they can save thousands and thousands of pounds over their lives.

Sure, whenever you take money out of your pocket, whether physically or in the form of something like a credit card, a good chunk of that is for convenience more than the actual value contained in the product or service. That’s okay, but only up to a certain point.

Past a certain point things start to border on insanity and in some instances one could go as far as saying that you’re simply throwing your money down the drain.

When you find the proverbial source of the financial river from which you draw water to drink, bath, wash your clothes and water any plants you may have, you’re taking control of the means of production for everything which is important to sustaining your life. To bring it down to a practical level for a little bit, think about it – what would you do if for some reason the water which runs to the taps in your home was cut-off for a long period of time? Would you not take a bath? Would you stop drinking water?

You can only buy the water you’ll need for so long until it becomes an unnecessarily expensive exercise, but if you were clued up about the source of that water and how it eventually makes its way to the taps in your home, something like that wouldn’t be an issue for you at all.

Now, if we’re to bring things back to the 21st century, if you took the time to really think about what you spend your money on, you will very quickly realise that you’ve probably been wasting a lot of the money you spend for a really long time. Advertisers know how to hit the right notes, tugging at your heartstrings to get you to believe that you perhaps can’t gain access to the products and services they offer through any other means.

So make no mistake about it, there is somewhat of a conspiracy against your financial sense, but the power is in your hands.

Exercising that power lies in simply carrying out value comparisons on every potential buying decision until the outcome thereof becomes second nature. For example, does it make sense that a meal at a fancy restaurant costs the same as professional legal consultation with immigration law expert and legal professional, Joshua L. Goldstein? Probably not…

You could always source the ingredients yourself and cook up a storm yourself, but finding the source in this way will only bring with it some financial advantages into your life.