Content marketing is becoming a popular service within the search industry and it’s easy to understand why. Through sharing interesting and engaging content, businesses can build a relevant audience, build brand awareness and drive traffic to their site, all without taking sales like approach to their strategy. Content marketing offers a creative element to its objectives and is broken down into several key areas. For any of you who would like to know in more detail about the breakdown of content marketing, this post will look at some of the key areas that are often called upon.

Content marketing campaigns

A content marketing campaign takes research, creativity and a strategy. By looking at the brands objectives and where they want to develop, a team of experts will create an engagingidea, which relevant bloggers and editors will hopefully want to be a part of. The campaign will have an asset, whether that is a video, eBook or infographic, which will be centred on the campaigns concept. With a strategy in place, it’s then down to external sources, such as bloggers and influencers, to have their say on the campaign by sharing their ideas and the asset.

By creating a content marketing campaign, you can gain relevant backlinks to your site, build brand awareness and create a unique asset for your company.

PR & Editorial

As well as building relationships with bloggers, you also want to include editors and publishers of high quality websites. One of the main objectives of content marketing is to boost search engine visibility and one way of doing this is by obtaining backlinks from high end websites. If Google and other search engines can see that reputable websites are linking to your website, then it’s going to increase your search visibility.


The core part of the campaign is its content. Without relevant, high quality content, not only will you struggle to engage your target audience but it won’t be seen as trustworthy information. In order to fully benefit from the content you’re sharing, keywords and anchor texts need to be strategically planned out, so that the content can be fully optimised. Sharing content which has been written and planned out by experts, means the content you’re sharing is relevant, trustworthy and can be optimised by search engines.

Above are just three of the areas which make up content marketing. In order to execute a successful campaign, you need expert knowledge and a well thought out strategy. With these factors in place, you should see your sites search engine visibility, target audience and brand awareness increase.