I’ve written about it before how I’ve always enjoyed trips to the casino while growing up, but obviously I didn’t gamble as a kid and now that I can do so legally, I find it quite intriguing that I don’t do it all that much. When I do place the odd bet or two however I really seek to make it count, so it’s never a case of just blindly “choosing a number” and hoping for the best. It’s never about relying on so-called blind luck.

The roulette is a favourite of mine because I actually have some strategies which all but make sure I always walk away with more than I came into the casino with, even if it’s a mere fiver more. It all counts, especially if you’re one of those eager beavers who perhaps want to make a full time income out of gambling. Numbers-based games like the roulette in particular are your best bet, so I guess it would help if I shared some of the tips I have. This is for those who want to make a living out of playing the roulette. I’d do it myself if I was a lot younger and didn’t have any kids, but otherwise I get bored of the roulette to be honest and as much as these tips and strategies are some of which I swear by, at the end of the day it’s still gambling. You still stand to lose your money, so that’s a risk I can’t quite afford to take myself right now.

The slow, incremental winnings build up approach

I’m not going to butter it up in any way – this is an extremely boring by way of roulette approaches, but if you have the time and patience for it then you will seldom have a losing day, if any. It’s best to stay away from physical casinos with this approach as those waste a lot of time with the dealer having to go through the whole process of tallying up the winnings, cleaning up the table, paying out the winnings and opening up the betting after each and every spin. Live roulette games should also perhaps be left out of this approach and it basically entails placing low bets which cover as many of the numbers as possible, then you walk away with small wins of about £3-6 at a time, but after a good few spins you now have some money to really “gamble” with so you can go big with your bets.

By “going big” I’m referring to really taking a chance, like periodically placing bets which cover very few numbers, in which case any winning selection will be multiplied quite handsomely considering all the other numbers you covered. I know, as far as it goes with conventional you might have already come across, this is perhaps the most boring and tedious approach, but if you take it online then it’s only all about how quickly you can hit the “spin” button for the next round check out casino review to learn more.