It’s been forecast by the greatest minds who study this sort of thing that as part of our evolution as the human race, at a certain point in time there will be no distinguishable races set apart by the colour of our skin and although that’s not going to take shape in our lifetime, based on a study of the evolutionary process up to so far that’s the direction in which the world is headed. Another projection which was arrived at in the same way is that everybody will basically be speaking one language which will resemble somewhat of an advanced version of the English language.

Because of just how slow the process of evolution takes place, whether you personally believe in it or not, it’s naturally very hard to imagine anything like what is predicted and modelled to happen.

The futuristic English all our descendants will be speaking is of particular interest to me since I am indeed interested in languages, probably because of having been born in Africa and coming into contact with many different cultures, languages and dialects. Assuming nobody will have wiped out the entire human race with nuclear weapons of mass destruction, it would really be interesting to hear how this futuristic, universal English language would sound like.

For now, though, one such word which I reckon will survive the ages and make it into that futuristic English dictionary will be one that isn’t quite an official word as yet, which is “adulting.” Yes, for now, this “verbified” noun (adult-adulting) only exists in meme-ville, you know the social networking construct of slapping a witty tagline to a picture or just publishing it as is?

Yeah, there’s one such meme which reads “I don’t feel like adulting today,” which is really a demonstration of how life in general gets sometimes. You just don’t feel like putting the effort into living, not in the sense that you feel suicidal or anything of that sort, but you’re just tired of the stuff which you have to do that makes up what it means to be alive.

The truth is life is nothing but one mighty experiment and if you’re not a religious or spiritual being, you can find yourself questioning just what the meaning of life is.

For as long as any of us has lived and perhaps benefitted from the evolved institutions, structures, customs, traditions, mantras, beliefs and everything else which makes us the sophisticated social beings we are, we still can’t honestly say that we’ve figured out one area of life in which the adopted system is perfectly effective, whether political, economic, social, etc.

So many people are still suffering a shortage or complete lack of some of the things those of us take for granted and yet in each of our lives we can most definitely find something to complain about, or better yet, something which we could work towards doing in a much better way.

Life is indeed one almighty, ongoing experiment, so you can only “adult” as best you can – beyond that you shouldn’t beat yourself up for feeling like you don’t quite have it together.