We often see them getting what appears to be their super special treatment at the terminal, going through priority check-in, enjoying quicker, shorter queues and likely flying in the Business or First Class cabin. Of course I’m talking about those passengers who are travelling for business, whether they’re in business for themselves or indeed if they’ve been deployed on an official business trip by the companies they work for.

Either way, travellers who are jetting off on business usually enjoy all the extra perks, comfort and luxury because of the fact that they are to complete specific deliverables. Ultimately, the seemingly lavish spending surrounding any business trip deployment doesn’t even make a dent in the budget of the company or business being represented, so it may seem like a bit too much to fly Business Class for example for a leisure traveller, but to the business traveller the associated perks thereof don’t even come close to the value to be obtained once that business trip has been concluded.

This is where and how the leisure traveller with an entrepreneurial mind should pay close attention because this is where opportunity presents itself in abundance. Even if you’re resigned to slaving away at your five-days-a-week, eight-hours-a-day job, I’m pretty sure you’d jump at the opportunity to perhaps get an upgrade on the class of your ticket and sit next to an accomplished businessperson who has some pointers to share with you.

Since that’s probably not likely to happen on demand, the next best thing is to look closely and learn from the whole practice of business travel. This way you will learn how to leverage the full value of a business trip and this can be achieved by simply asking some key questions.

You don’t necessarily have to ask someone specific, but rather just work through various scenarios taking into account the typical path of a business traveller, whether they’re under company deployment or if they’re chasing opportunities themselves.

What is the objective?

I don’t know what it is about commercial travel which just puts people in the mood to divulge information about themselves. I swear – sit next to a businessman in the Business Class cabin on a long-haul flight and merely making conversation could lead to them virtually handing you a business plan in action. Basically you want to find out what the objective of the trip is and therein lies the opportunity.

Can I replicate, repeat and maybe scale the money-factor?

Once you’re armed with knowledge of the objective of a typical business trip you can then explore some means through which to exploit that opportunity for yourself. An example closer to home is that of how a former work colleague went on to quit her job to start her own Home Owners Association management company, after having an in-flight chat with a consultant working with a few Phoenix HOA management companies. The idea of an HOA management company proved the existence of a huge gap in the local UK market, modelled to the standards of those HOA management companies which are well established across the Atlantic, mainly in the Phoenix area.