If you’re stuck in a job which does absolutely nothing to fuel your passion then the last thing you probably want to do is establish some longevity. Longevity is a manifestation of experience though and experience is a great attribute to have in any industry, which you can then make use of to jump ship and change careers down the line. How do you establish this longevity though?

Fall in love with your industry

I know, I know – it’s a lot easier said than done; fall in love with the industry you find yourself working in, but there’s really no other way if you do indeed want to last long and keep making the kind of living which your established career affords you.

Although many of us find ourselves in careers we didn’t really choose or are even in the slightest bit harbour a passion for, the truth is there are elements in any industry which you can fall in love with. Find those and focus on growing in that particular area of the industry, for example a doctor with a passion for sports might not want to work in the typical hospital environment, in which case (s)he might look towards being a sports doctor and apply to a professional sports club to be the team doctor.

Find an underlying cause to dedicate your career to

Granted, this particular approach to establishing longevity in your career is perhaps a lot easier to pursue by those who have a bit more freedom to exercise in their roles, such as entrepreneurs, process planners, marketers, and generally “rainmakers”. At the end of the day though, whatever role you assume as an employee, no matter how specialised and clearly-defined it may be, if you can show your superiors that what you have for them could make the company more money, they’ll be willing to let you make the transition and perhaps even head up the new channel pursued.

Anyway, going back to the gist of the matter, which is finding an underlying cause to dedicate your career to, that’s it really – that’s a great way to make sure you maintain the kind of interest and motivation to keep you going and help you improve all the time. After all, if one is happy in their career and if you have a sense of worth then it’ll be that much easier to stick it out and build up the kind of experience you can look back on with pride and perhaps even deploy in other areas of your life beyond your professional work.

A great practical example of this stance in action is that of the health workers and administrators helping eligible people get their dues via the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program. In this particular case it’s not about job titles such as providing health assessments and running all the administration, but rather about the underlying cause of helping these former employees of the nuclear industry get the compensation they need in order to help through the remainder of their lives a little more comfortably.