I grew up in a family which generally enjoyed a huge gambling culture and fortunately whenever the adults would get together for some or other function and then head to a casino in a convoy as the “after-party” of sorts, they didn’t leave us kids behind. This is because the casinos of choice were family friendly in that they boasted some extensive entertainment for visitors of all ages and there were about two or three of them strategically located within our vicinity.

I would have really loved to extend the same experience I had growing up to my own kids, but unfortunately over here in the UK casinos are just that – casinos which are meant to serve for entertainment aimed exclusively at the adults. Just try searching online for “family-friendly casinos UK” and you’ll be hitting brick wall after brick wall, unless of course, you know something I don’t, in which case, please get in touch and share although there are some like https://casino-experts.com/ which fit my description of family friendly.

The next best thing I guess is to drop the kids off somewhere nearby where they can enjoy some age-appropriate fun while the adults hit up a casino in the same locale. That, however, is a make-shift solution which only serves to make the entire family look forward to one of our favourite getaways, that being a visit right across the country to the Carlyon Bay Hotel in Cornwall.

This has become our one family “do” on which everybody has a royally good time, which they should too since this occasional family getaway doesn’t come cheap!

Whenever our savings for a trip abroad don’t quite add up to have us booking the flight, this is the place we go to, but by no means is it a second choice! I mean is there ever a family outing dubbed a “luxury family holiday” which would come in as a second choice? I think not…

Once we arrive after a long, long drive the tiredness seems to melt right away and everybody wants to get busy with all the activities on offer and we always make sure to visit during the long summer holidays so that we can enjoy the “beachy” vibe and all the water-based entertainment on offer, like surfing, swimming and what I’d call the marquee Camel Creek Adventure Park.

There is lots, lots more to enjoy and get lost in for hours on end, but the fun for us starts long before we arrive with the cross-country, 5hour+ drive making for somewhat of a road-trip in itself. For me personally, it’s a matter of recreating that same feeling I had when the bright neon casino lights came into view, back when the adults used to take us along to the family-friendly casinos in Ghana. The neon lights are replaced by the turquoise blue surface of the ocean which gradually comes into view as the long drive finally comes to an end, but even though there are so many activities to enjoy, I find that often my husband and I enjoy kicking back and relaxing in the hotel room the most.