One of the promises we made to ourselves and to each other with my husband when we decided to make things official between us was that we will never allow anything to stand in the way of a common interest we share, which is that of purposeful travel. I mean it’s really quite something looking out the plane’s window only to find that your significant other is doing the exact same thing over your shoulder, which would indicate that he sees the world in much of the same way that you do!

Children happened however and we’ve each since had to settle down to what society would like to call more “secure” jobs so as to create a more secure family environment for the kids to grow up in. The dream of travelling with the intention of adding value to wherever it is we go seemed to be fading fast, but I truly believe that no matter how much time passes, if something makes up one of the elements which contribute to what you’d call your passion, it doesn’t matter – there’s always room to make it happen.

Sure, we’ve had to plan and do things in more of a traditional way, but yeah, we’re making it happen man and I’ll share with you just how you can make it happen as well.

In our case “it” is a family trip abroad, something which proves to be very elusive for many families in a similar position to ours, but in your case the family trip abroad can represent anything which is near and dear to your heart, particularly a dream of some sort which is chipped away at by the pressures of modern society and the roles this society seems to have defined for each of us.

So the trick is to work with what you have and plan around what your life is already all about. In our case figuring it out was a matter of connecting all the dots with regards to our heritage, our desires, the desires of our loved ones and even our careers. For one, with both sets of our parents residing in our motherland of Ghana, this means that in addition to the two of us (and the kids I suppose) wanting to travel abroad, there are at least two sets of other people who want the exact same thing for us.

How easy it is then to ask these “other parties” to perhaps contribute financially to the trip we all clearly want, but ultimately because of the flight path of many airlines serving this route, the stopovers meant that we could explore other destinations en route to Ghana, such as Abu Dhabi and even the Seychelles! Here’s what’s more – I pitched an outreach programme at work through which there would have to be an employee deployed abroad and guess who that lucky employee was?

We contrived to have that aligned with my husband’s leave days along with the kids’ school holidays and managed to make that all-illusive family trip abroad a reality and we enjoyed and experienced it to our hearts’ content! and that was the best bonus