Mauritius is one of the most exotic holiday destinations in the whole wide world, stealing the hearts of all kinds of travelers across the globe. Those into hiking and gorgeous nature trails will certainly fall in love with this little African island gem. You can stay in a lovely private pool villa near to the beach and from there, let you adventure start! Here are 5 great mountain and nature treks in Mauritius to thrill all outdoor enthusiasts;

1. Black River Peak

The Black River Peak, the highest mountain on Mauritius Island peak at 838 meters above sea level. There are several tracks leading up to the summit, starting at different places on the slopes of this majestic mountain. The shortest and easiest way to reach the summit is from Plaine Champagne, a hiking trail that starts at an altitude 678, close to the Black River Gorge Viewpoint. For the fitter people among us, there is the 5,2 km Plateau track from Chamarel and for the biggest challenge, take the 5,5 Grand Piton trail. No matter which route you take, you will walk through beautiful forests of this exotic island and up on the summit,  you will be blown away by the magnificent bird-eye view of Mauritius island.

2. Le Pouce

Le Pouce, translating to ‘the thumb’ is Mauritius third highest mountain located in the northwest of the island in the Moka range. The 6.5 km track is moderate, walking through the unspoiled nature, starting from Petit Verger near the village of Saint Pierre. The hardest part is at the end of the trek, climbing ‘the thumb’ to the top but once you are there, you will get a 360 degrees view of the entire west coastline of Mauritius. Magnificent!

3. Le Morne Brabant Mountain

The 6-kilometer trek up to the peak of Le Morne requires a 3-4 hour hike through the breathtaking nature of the southwestern part of Mauritius. You will need to get a guide to climb Le Morne as reaching the summit can be tricky without for inexperienced hikers. There are lots of endemic plant species to be admired and it is on this mountain only that the national flower Trochetia Boutoniana grows. To reach the summit, you will need to climb with your hands, feet and ropes. The view at the top is more than rewarding.

4. Kestrel Valley

The Kestrel Valley is the only place in Mauritius where you can spot the Kestrel Bird along with a wide range other bird species, making it not only a paradise for hikers but also for bird watchers. In the valley, there are four marked trails made especially for hikers, taking 1 to 2 hours. On the way, the views of magnificent!

5. Tamarind Falls

The Tamarind Falls offers hikers a nature trek through mountains, canyons, rivers, forests and waterfalls. There are several routes ranging from moderate to hard. No matter which one you choose, you get to enjoy a wonderful day out in nature at one of the most beautiful and peaceful places on the island. During the hike, there are lots of waterfalls to be admired and adventurers will love to hear about the possibility to jump off of some of these cascading falls into the stunning natural pools down below. Happy hiking!


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