When it comes to the toddler years, there is no shortage of tantrums that a parent has to deal with.  During this period of time, they aren’t able to communicate what they need with language just yet, so they are left with only their tantrums to communicate their frustration.

Unfortunately, tantrums don’t always end after the toddler years.  It can continue on well into the elementary school years.  When they’re older your tactics will have to change.  As long as you’re prepared and know the best steps to take then you can ensure that you make it through these challenging moments.

Time Outs

When your little one is misbehaving and you can’t seem to calm them down initially by distraction or trying to reason with them, then it may be time to start implementing a time-out punishment.  

This can be especially useful in situations when you are pregnant, or dealing with another child and need to take a moment to calm the situation down.

Consider assigning a special time-out area like a chair or behind a baby gate.  This way your child can learn that if they are going to act up in a disrespectful or disruptive way, they need to be alone until they can calm down.  

Experts recommend giving one minute of time out per year of age during the toddler years.

Take Away Privileges

Taking away things that are important to your child can be a big incentive to stop throwing a fit.  While this can work for younger children, it can be especially effective for older children.

Remaining calm can be difficult when your child is screaming or throwing themselves around physically in protest.  However, if you remain calm and explain that if they continue this behavior they will no longer be able to have or do something which means a lot to them.  

This will encourage them to calm down and consider that their actions will lead to negative results if they don’t make a change.


Sometimes a child who is having a tantrum may not respond to any tactics.  This can start to lead to a parent getting angrier and angrier as they feel that they aren’t able to control the situation.

However, sometimes just when you think you’ve tried everything, consider changing your tactics completely.  Sometimes your child may just need a hug.  Try to simply ask, “Do you need a hug?” in the midst of a tantrum and you may be shocked to hear that they say yes.  Sometimes a quick display of affection can be enough for them to be able to calm down.

Usually, tantrums are just pent of frustration for not being able to express themselves correctly.