For someone whose life has been jam-packed with quite a lot of activity growing up, I appear to have quite a good recollection of some of the elements anyone’s life most people would have a hard time remembering, such as how I seem to remember word-for-word some of the conversations I’ve had with my parents and even my grandparents. One such conversation I had with my mother when I was extremely young was that of how she was worried about how my entire generation of kids would turn out.

She was worried about things like moral decay, lack of honour and just a general lack of direction which appears to have been depicted even by her own generation, which was responsible for raising us Millennials.

Fast-forward to 2017 and I’m having a little bit of the same kind of internal struggle, worrying out of my mind just what the future holds for my own gang of very fast-growing offspring.

For one, kids these days seem to be completely deprived of the joys of just running wild outside and enjoying the outdoors, using their very active imaginations to create the type of fun which won’t be available to them forever. They’re spending way too much of their time exploring pixelated representations of the real world through their iPad and Smartphone screens and while I’d love to say that I play more of an active role in discouraging this habit, I really can’t.

I mean if an iPad can keep them occupied and sitting still for up to five hours at a time, you sort of have to move heaven and earth to suggest anything else as an alternative which would have them just as captivated and keeping them out of trouble. Still, I reckon we definitely still need to do more to get kids playing outside and using their imaginations a little bit more.

At the same time however I cannot help but wonder if these thoughts harbour fears which aren’t perhaps a little irrational – I mean look at what our parents’ generation thought would come of us, and yet here we are. Living and raising our own families and stuff…

It would be a really painful thing to have confirmed in the worst way possible, but amidst all my worry I believe I’ve come up with a future-proof solution to at least give our youngsters a fighting chance to just be able to enjoy those little things which life supposedly gives us for free as a gift each for merely being alive.

What I’ve concluded is that one-size-fits-all solutions no longer work, even if it’s those solutions which beg to solve a problem long before it even exists (like getting insurance or picking out a school). What one rather needs to do is apply a level of specialisation to everything they do for their kids, even if it’s something like getting legal insurance – that legal insurance would have to cover a slip and fall injury attorney for example, to name but just one example of exactly how specialised and tailored these decisions would need to be, unless of course you can get one which offers a free consultation.

Anything other than this level of specialisation would just be leaving too much to chance, in my opinion.