The summer is upon us and the time will soon come for the little ones to be done with school and with plenty of time to spare. It can be a real struggle to find things to do to that will keep them occupied for the whole six weeks!

This isn’t a quick fix, but this article should certainly give you some ideas of what you can do to make the cries of “Muuum, I’m bored!” fewer and further between.

Take Them to an Exhibition

Now, bear with me with this one. Depending on the age of your kids, this one could be a complete no-go. If they’re younger than around seven it will be hard to find an exhibition near you that would entertain them enough and it would actually be more stress to take bored kids to an exhibition.

Now, if they’re a little older, then an exhibition is something a little out of the ordinary which could end up being a great experience for everyone!

No matter what city you live in, no matter where you are in the world, there are some fantastic exhibitions for all manner of interests. We visited one recently that was based in sports and fitness, there were all sorts of performances, demonstrations and things to buy and there really was something for everyone of all ages.

I heard through the grapevine that ExpoMarketing provided the majority of the displays on offer and everywhere we turned, beautiful digital signage and visual models drew impressed noises from everyone!

Take Them to a Haunted House

Spooky activities aren’t just for winter! Sure, the darker nights and cooler weather allows for a more sinister atmosphere, but you don’t think that ghosts just go away in the summer, do you?

There are plenty of old stately homes, dungeons and abandoned manors that are just as creepy in the summer as they are in the winter.

In fact, the juxtaposition between the spooky surroundings and bright, warm air makes things seem just a little off.

Take a look around your local area and see if any typically haunted places are still operating in the summer. As a bonus, summer ghost tours are often heavily discounted!

Petting Farms

Who doesn’t love cute little farm animals?! Although this is a to-do list for summer, the best time to visit is late spring, when the baby animals are just about old enough to be galloping ad gambling around the fields or at twitch casinos.

This may be more suited to smaller kids, but there’s always a little kid inside every teenager just waiting too ooh and aah over baby pigs, sheep, chickens, cows and all manner of animals you find on the farm.

If you live in the inner-city, you may have to travel a little further to be able to see farm animals in their natural habitat, but it is so worth it to see the look on little (and big!) one’s faces.

If you live somewhere a little more rural then you’re probably lucky enough to be within a few minutes drive of somewhere that will allow you to see everything they have to offer!

Where Do You Take Your Kids in the Summer?

They’re just a few of the things that are great to do with kids in the summer, no matter the age. What plans do you have to keep everyone entertained this summer?

There is plenty to do, you’ve just got to get out there and find it! Let me know what you’ll all be up to by sending me a message and I’ll be sure to add it to the list.