I’m looking for other like-minded parents and writers and associates to contribute to this blog and make it into the go-to place for people to come for all sorts of family, parenting and life-related advice and products and tips. Do you think you could be one of those people? You don’t have to be published anywhere else or hold a fancy degree that attests to your skills, all I want is something that’s well written, well constructed and well thought out. It’s not hard!

There are a few things that are necessary, but I’m not overly harsh on accepting guest posts or contributions. I do require the posts you submit to be 500 words or more, this is so that my readers have something that is substantial and interesting to read. Anything less than 500 words suggests to me that the piece is not really well thought out or valuable.

The next thing that is important to me is the standard of written English. English is not my first language, so I can understand a few trips and slips in writing. But the piece should still be coherent and pleasant to read and just generally good. Download a spellchecker such as Grammarly which has a great algorithm for weeding out some more complex grammar issues.

The content itself should be in line with the rest of the content on the blog. Have a read through some posts and ask yourself if your topic fits in.

Examples of Guest Post Topics:

  1. Child Behaviour
  2. Schooling
  3. Pre & Post Natal Guides
  4. Pregnancy & Birth
  5. Family Travel Guides
  6. Activity Guides
  7. Shopping Guides
  8. Saving & Budgeting
  9. Interior Design & Gardening
  10. Relationships

Requirements for Guest Posts:

  • Minimum 500 words
  • Written in English
  • Original Content – articles will be checked for plagiarism
  • Relevant to my blog

Lastly (it’s honestly not as much as you think!), the title should be catchy and interesting. Would you want to read the article if you visited a blog and read your title? If you want to sponsor the post, a little SEO goes a long way in helping it to get noticed.