While most people love the holiday season, for working moms that are already busy enough, the holidays can feel like another large item to check off their to-do list. The stress of the holidays is enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed, but busy moms tend to feel it the most since the ‘charm’ of the holidays falls on their shoulders. Smart working moms have a few tricks that help streamline the holiday season. Here are some insider tips that will allow you to quickly check the picture Christmas cards off your list so you can concentrate on the real fun of the season.

Start in November

One of the most stressful things you can do is wait until the last minute for any task on your to-do list, so this year make it a point not to. There is no reason to wait until December to get started on tasks like your picture Christmas cards. As soon as the calendar rolls over into November or even the end of October, call and book a photographer. One month is not going to dramatically change the appearance of your family, but it will help relieve some major stress from your life. As a bonus, photographers tend to get booked solid the closer you get to the holidays, so by booking early you can make sure you get your first choice. You may even want to consider calling in October to book your November slot.

Choose an Online Photo Company

While you are waiting for your family photo date, you may want to start looking online for a printing website that can handle your card order. Your goal should be to use a company with an easy to use website and an even easier to use Christmas card template. Inserting your photos into picture Christmas cards should not be a tedious task. If it is, then you have probably chosen the wrong online photo company. Practice by dropping in any photo that happens to be on your phone or laptop. Ideally, you should be able to have a card completed in just a few minutes. The checkout process should be just as easy, and of course, the price should be reasonable.

Lick, Seal, & Kick Back

At this point, you are prepared for your photos to come back from the photographer and can take a minute to breath. Your Christmas cards are close to completion, and have hardly taken any extra time during the busy holiday season because you were proactive and did the work beforehand. Once your prints come back, you can drop them into the template in place of your dummy photo and just wait for them to arrive in the mail. Then, lick, seal, and kick back as the holiday season gets underway.