Hello and welcome to My 5ive!

I’m Alicia, I’m in my earlyish 30s and I’m a mother of three wonderful children.

I’m very lucky to have a wonderful husband who is the best father my three angels could ask for, and together we are the ‘ideal’ family (at least on paper!)

It’s hard to be a parent in this day and age, everything you do is put under a microscope and scrutinised, from the way you dress your children to the food that you feed them, being a parent can be hard.

Nothing seems to be off-limits for those people who can’t keep themselves to themselves, that’s why my outlook on life expresses the notion to just keep on keeping on. Every family is different and more importantly, every child is different, with their own needs and preferences and personalities and My 5ive sets out to celebrate these differences and remind you its OK to be you.

I met my husband in my home country of Ghana, a country that holds a special place in my heart as the key to my family heritage. Even though we now call England our home, Ghana will always be the motherland and will always have an influence in our lives. We actually met while volunteering as nannies for a wealthy family, to this day I am so pleased that they decided they needed two young students.

Thomas and I have been together for over 10 years, married for seven and I think we’d both agree its safe to say the honeymoon period is over. We are still madly in love but home life too can be stressful, we make no illusion to the reality of married life and try hard to be as open and honest as possible.


Family life is amazing and our world revolves around our little ones; Henry, Isabella and Robert who are all growing into incredible children and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them all.

This blog is my way of letting the world know that it’s ok to feel like you’re struggling, it’s ok to not be perfect.

I’ll also be offering handy tips and advice and even product deals once I find them to make your life as a parent so much easier. So stick around, leave a comment, send me a message and let’s get this party started!

I love hearing from my readers, especially those who have their own family, lifestyle and parenting tips they want to share with My 5ive! It’s easy to become a contributor, simply click here, follow the outlined rules and submit your guest post for review.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you all!