Month: July 2018

The Right Approach to Going into Business with Family

If I’m writing an entire post about the right approach to getting into business with family then it should be clear that I am definitely of the belief that it’s absolutely fine to do business with family, this of course going against the popularly touted belief that one simply shouldn’t do so. In fact it goes beyond just family, with suggestions that one shouldn’t go into business with anyone they’re close with, including friends. Why you SHOULD go into business with family Apart from the fact that the establishment pretty much always does the exact opposite of what they...

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Exciting Things to Show Your Kids This Summer

The summer is upon us and the time will soon come for the little ones to be done with school and with plenty of time to spare. It can be a real struggle to find things to do to that will keep them occupied for the whole six weeks! This isn’t a quick fix, but this article should certainly give you some ideas of what you can do to make the cries of “Muuum, I’m bored!” fewer and further between. Take Them to an Exhibition Now, bear with me with this one. Depending on the age of your kids,...

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