Month: February 2018

Wiping Bums to Writing Mums

Even though EVERYTHING changes after having children, we still feel the pressure to slot back into the same routine as before. For some this might be possible, but for those who, like me, had irregular working hours before having kids, this is quite a big ask. Going back to working evenings and weekends just wasn’t going to work in the long term, so how did I find a solution? Talking of ‘family life’ in this instance doesn’t just refer to my kids – my partner’s working hours were also just as erratic as mine (and still are). Finding a...

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Why Stereotyping is Such as Dangerous Game to Play

I suppose I would be forgiven to some extent for having held different views by now, given that I’ve perhaps had more than my fair share of stereotyping, but I personally believe it would be a very dangerous game to play. One simply should not engage in stereotyping because nine out of ten times it turns out not to be the case anyway. Sure, there are indeed some general behavioural patterns which are associated with people of specific cultures, geographic locations and many more of these variables, but I can almost guarantee that every single individual who is associated...

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