Month: January 2018

4 Ways To Deal With Temper Tantrums

When it comes to the toddler years, there is no shortage of tantrums that a parent has to deal with.  During this period of time, they aren’t able to communicate what they need with language just yet, so they are left with only their tantrums to communicate their frustration. Unfortunately, tantrums don’t always end after the toddler years.  It can continue on well into the elementary school years.  When they’re older your tactics will have to change.  As long as you’re prepared and know the best steps to take then you can ensure that you make it through these...

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Who Makes the Rules?

“Said, hey old man how can you stand/ To think that way/ Did you really think about it/ Before you made the rules?” That’s a line from one of my favourite songs of yesteryear, “The Way it is” by Bruce Hornsby. The line resonates with me because there have been so many instances in my life when that was exactly how I felt – asking myself if the people who make certain rules really thought about them before actually making them. This consideration of whether or not any real thought went into making the rules, wherever it is they...

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