Month: December 2017

Planning on Moving with Your Family Soon? Some Tips To Prepare

If you’re planning on upgrading your home situation and purchasing a new house soon, then you should get started with your preparations now as opposed to later. In other words, the sooner you start preparing to move, the more relaxed the actual process will be. And that counts with financial concerns as well as physical ones. Some questions to ask yourself would be regarding home loans and financing options. And then it’s always a good idea to have your whole family learn how to pack ahead of time, so you aren’t rushing later. You can also think about how...

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Many UK people are saving nothing towards their retirement, fintech company reports

Pensions have been a hot subject matter across the media throughout 2017. True Potential Investor has undertaken some research into how the UK saved towards their pension pots during Q4 2016, presented in the infographic below. Interestingly, many people saved nothing towards their private pensions. Regions with the smallest percentage of people who saved nothing towards their pensions in Q4 were: London (18%), North East (22%) and Scotland & West Midlands...

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Roulette Tips – Playing to Win Big

I’ve written about it before how I’ve always enjoyed trips to the casino while growing up, but obviously I didn’t gamble as a kid and now that I can do so legally, I find it quite intriguing that I don’t do it all that much. When I do place the odd bet or two however I really seek to make it count, so it’s never a case of just blindly “choosing a number” and hoping for the best. It’s never about relying on so-called blind luck. The roulette is a favourite of mine because I actually have some strategies...

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