Month: October 2017

Getting Involved in Your Children’s Career Choices

Depending on who you ask, you could perhaps say that I come from a very traditional family along with my husband, but then again who exactly constitutes this “society” which seems to be setting all the rules for how we’re supposed to live our lives and everything around that? I would say we come from traditional families in the sense that both sets of our parents pretty much held similar views by way of what constitutes “traditional” careers to get into, something which is perhaps further driven by the dynamics surrounding immigration and integration. Basically if you’re different in...

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Exploring Modern-Day Homeschooling Trends

It never quite happened for me, but back when I was still a youngster making my way through school, I had a dream of being homeschooled. It’s not that I had a bad experience at school with bullying or anything of the sort, but I just thought there must surely be a better way of getting through the obviously important curriculum than that of waking up bright and early every single morning and then having to conform to what I thought was a rather restrictive system of learning. I saw it as more of a system of instruction than...

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