If the constant begging for a family pet dog has finally had you giving in, here are some of the best breeds you should consider as they make for the best dogs to add to a family:


Has there ever been a more fitting family dog than a Labrador? I think not. Labs really love to play and are really friendly, always up for some physical fun with the kids and will almost always be waiting to greet you when you get back from work.


Golden Retriever

Another Retriever makes the list because Golden Retrievers are also very friendly dogs and love to play fetch as the name suggests. This trait of loving to play is somewhat bred into their bloodline as they were historically bred to be what their name suggests; retrievers. Golden retrievers are also very loyal dogs.



Easy-going dogs are Beagles and they make great companions. This is the one dog breed which will make you literally feel the love it has for you and their compact size is nice and manageable for all members of the family as well.


Jack Russell

Super intelligent fun-sized dogs that will bring the joy to any family setting are Jack Russells. Train them well and they’ll find new ways to surprise you daily with their intelligence. I honestly think Jack Russells truly believe they are humans.



A pug suffers the rather unfortunate consequence of intelligent design gone wrong, but only in the physical sense. Otherwise this is a great family dog which is for those families that can collectively handle a bit more responsibility however. It’s a very mischievous breed which will keep everybody on their toes, unless of course you include your Pug in all the family activities. I swear, you can even strap him onto yourself and take him sky-diving with you!




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