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Fun Getaway for the Whole Family – Carlyon Bay Hotel

I grew up in a family which generally enjoyed a huge gambling culture and fortunately whenever the adults would get together for some or other function and then head to a casino in a convoy as the “after-party” of sorts, they didn’t leave us kids behind. This is because the casinos of choice were family friendly in that they boasted some extensive entertainment for visitors of all ages and there were about two or three of them strategically located within our vicinity. I would have really loved to extend the same experience I had growing up to my own...

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The Ultimate Culture Shock-Absorber!

As much as my life is personally built upon a foundation of maintaining strong family values and traditions, I’m all too aware of the rapid nature in which the world is moving along and changing. Globalisation is very much upon us, says the woman whose mixed heritage is of Ghanaian origins. Looking back on my life and how I came to be who I am today and where I am today, I cannot help but come to the conclusion that I’ve perhaps experienced a lot more culture shocks than the average person. Thinking about how things differ across borders...

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Kids Will Do as You Do and Not as You Say

I guess for the onlooker who perhaps doesn’t have kids of their own it’s rather cute listening to a child endlessly asking that “Why?” one-word question, but when you have to deal with that and many other “perks” of being a parent the whole day, it can all get rather annoying very quickly. Don’t get me wrong – parents love their kids to death regardless, but by no means does that mean they can’t be a serious source of some irritation. What this speaks to, however, is the manner in which kids learn and the inquisitiveness which drives this...

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There’s Still a Whole Lot of Value in the Traditional, Nucleic Family Structure

Some of the kindest, warmest, friendliest, toughest and most resilient people I’ve met and have in my life come from so-called “broken homes” or what society would describe to be “unconventional families,” which is a sign that it definitely can be done, raising an upstanding member of the community in spite of all the domestic and social challenges we face. That’s why people like me exist as well – social workers and the like to perhaps fill the voids in the lives of those people who aren’t as lucky as those of us who’ve had the benefit of a...

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What Working as a Social Worker Has Taught Me

For most people, getting up in the morning and getting ready to go to work is nothing but a routine of necessity as opposed to making for something they’d call fun, and while this may be true for me as well, at least I can say that my work teaches me a lot and drives me to constantly grow as a person. Here are some of the invaluable lessons I’ve learned from working as a social worker: Family is important My job description in itself might be an explicitly defined one, but in no way does it mean I...

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