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The Future of Farming with Drones, Autonomous Vehicles, and More

PwC’s reports on expert views bring to light that agricultural consumption is set to increase by nearly 70 per cent by the time we hit 2050, projected to reach 9 billion in the same year. The World Bank’s predictions aren’t as high as that, with their projections predicting that food production will have to increase by 50 per cent to account for the global population figures we’ll be faced with by 2050. Either way, it’s clear that agricultural practices will need to continue developing and become more efficient. The fortunate thing is that technology is seeing a constant evolution,...

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Keeping it Real with Modern Family Finances

I’ve learned to separate my professional life from my personal life, but being a social worker means you often have to deal with cases that are as close as things can get to mirroring your personal life, not necessarily in the sense that you go through exact same challenges, but more in the sense that one can learn a lot from what other people go through and use that to make sure things go along a lot smoother at home. A common problem which even goes as far as tearing families apart is that of how they handle their...

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A Family Trip Abroad – How to Make it Happen

One of the promises we made to ourselves and to each other with my husband when we decided to make things official between us was that we will never allow anything to stand in the way of a common interest we share, which is that of purposeful travel. I mean it’s really quite something looking out the plane’s window only to find that your significant other is doing the exact same thing over your shoulder, which would indicate that he sees the world in much of the same way that you do! Children happened however and we’ve each since...

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Striking a Balance between Individualism and Finding a Place to Belong

My husband and I’s decision to move to London from Ghana was contributed to by so many different factors and wasn’t just a matter of seeking greater opportunity than what we would have had in the motherland. In fact, we could very easily have created our life together in Ghana or in any one of a number of other locations for that matter, but to be honest, London came in as the final choice because of how cosmopolitan it is. Also, we sort of fell into choosing London as it became more and more apparent that it would indeed...

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Bridging the Divide between Millennials, Their Parents and Grandparents

Most of the conceptualisation, classification and categorisation systems we so readily make reference to spawned out of someone’s desire to make money in some or other way. In this day and age, we find ourselves defending systems we not only didn’t have a hand in formulating but aren’t too familiar with by way of their intended purpose. That’s why pretty much everything comes right back to a discussion of money. Think about it. At any given point in your life, whatever it is you’re occupying yourself with, in some or other way the driving factor behind it goes back...

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