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Keeping Tabs on Your Kids’ Social Media Usage

My husband experienced somewhat of an “aha” moment when I pointed out to him that the football he loves to watch on the telly is much like how societal changes tend to take effect over the generations, in that they work in twos. With the football, a team that wins the league and / or the continental club competition tends to enjoy being at the top for about two years before another team rises up above it, in the same way that the transition between our grandparents’ generation and that of our parents had the both of them largely...

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Top 5 Movies the Whole Family Will Enjoy Watching Together

I swear there’s like some psychology that goes into the making of some of these series we see on television these days because they captivate you once they draw you in. Six seasons later and you wonder just how on earth you actually believed the series you sometimes binge-watch was going to end in the first season. Anyway, these series perhaps contribute to the many reasons why families don’t quite sit down and enjoy watching something good together – something which keeps every member of the family entertained across all ages. So I decided to put together a list...

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Maintaining That Elusive Work-Family Life Balance

Okay, so before I go any further with this topic I’m going to ask just one thing of you. You need to take a look at your own life with regards to the two elements of your family life and your professional life, then you need to define for yourself what the ideal work-family life balance would be. It’s extremely important to personalise it completely because I can go on about how I maintain balance in my life and yet I could be speaking about it from a point of view that doesn’t even remotely resonate with you… Admittedly,...

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What is Culture, Really?

So the free desktop dictionary I use to make sure the spelling and grammar in my posts are up to standard offers up several definitions of what culture is, one of which is: All the knowledge and values shared by a social group. I reckon this just about describes it the way it is in terms of what it means in a social context, but when we peel back the layers and start zoning in on the specifics of this shared knowledge and values, one starts to realise that it’s perhaps a lot more complicated than that. For one,...

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Taking an Active Role in Your Children’s Lives

As a parent in the modern day, you can only do your best to try and raise your kids right, as much as it may seem like the odds are stacked heavily against you. For one, life, as it exists today, is much, much busier than that of say our grandparents and even our parents, which inevitably means we get to spend less time interacting with our children between the parents’ jobs, the kids’ schooling and the extracurricular activities they’re rightfully pushed to participate in. Consequently, many parents tend to feel like they’re just coasting along with regards to...

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