Month: November 2017

Dos and Don’ts during an Insurance Claims Procedure

When one starts paying their first insurance premiums installation after taking out a policy, that feeling of having some peace of mind often makes us relax a bit too much in terms of making an effort to understand just what we’ve gotten ourselves into. Yes it’s good to bask in the peace of mind which naturally follows, but you have some responsibilities to uphold as one of two parties in a financial and legal agreement that exists in the form of the insurance policy you’ve taken out. One of these responsibilities is acquainting yourself with the dos and don’ts...

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Are the Fears Parents Have Really Irrational?

For someone whose life has been jam-packed with quite a lot of activity growing up, I appear to have quite a good recollection of some of the elements anyone’s life most people would have a hard time remembering, such as how I seem to remember word-for-word some of the conversations I’ve had with my parents and even my grandparents. One such conversation I had with my mother when I was extremely young was that of how she was worried about how my entire generation of kids would turn out. She was worried about things like moral decay, lack of...

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